Ancestry DNA Testing

Your pre-historical ancestry is buried in your DNA.

Leading anthropologists have turned to DNA because they can learn about the past by studying the present in DNA from people around the world. Now you can order the same DNA tests that have revolutionized the study of human history and embark on your own personal expedition of genetic discovery.

Individualized Testing Reports

Scientists study populations of people. The reports that come with your DNA tests explain what the results mean to you as an individual. What’s more important, they’re written in language you can understand.

Our Common Male Ancestor Test and Common Female Ancestor Test include a summary of what scientists have learned about the geographical origin and age of your maternal and paternal lines based on your DNA test results.

Our Ethnicity DNA Test provides a global overview of your genetic makeup telling you what percentage of your DNA is shared with Africans, Europeans, Asians and Native Americans. If the Ethnicity DNA testing shows that you have enough European ancestry to proceed, our European Ethnicity DNA Test will further breakdown your European heritage into Northern European, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and South Asian. Our Native American verification testing can confirm if you are of Native American descent.

Complete, Customized Testing Services

The complete battery of tests available online let you pick and choose to customize your own personal genetic “dig.”  From your own unique personality traits to understanding how to boost brain performance.

Here are some of the things you can find out by DNA testing.

  • Africans Were your ancestors from the Forest Dwellers (pygmies) or !Kung, the oldest existing human populations at more than 100,000 years? Or were they part of the Bantu expansion out of Central Africa? Markers largely confined to specific tribes, such as the Ibo, early merchants and travelers, may be discovered.


  • Europeans Do you have ancestors from the original hunter-gatherers of Europe or were they among the farmers who migrated from the Middle East? All Europeans are descended from seven maternal clans as outlined in The Seven Daughters of Eve by DNA researcher Brian Sykes. Which are you from? Do you have markers that are largely confined to specific areas of Europe, such as Sardinia or the Basque region?


  • Native Americans Four clans dominate the ancestry of Native Americans and each is associated with specific language groups and are thought to be evidence for the different waves of migration that originally populated the new world. Possession of one of these markers is some of the best genetic evidence available for demonstrating Native American Ancestry.


  • Genealogists Do you have a common last name such as Smith and are trying to track down other Smith’s that descend from the same male ancestor? Do you think you have found a removed cousin and want to confirm that you have the same great-great-great-great grandmother?

Deciding Which Family Members to Test

Testing of all individuals in a family is not necessary. Men have both mtDNA and Y DNA. Women have only mtDNA because Y is the sex determining gene and is present in males only. For example, a brother and sister will have the same mtDNA and brothers the same Y DNA. Test results apply to everyone in a given male or female lineage. Please call for help in deciding who to test in order to get a complete set of results for your family. Reporting of results will be based on the family tree that you submit when ordering your tests.

Start unraveling the mystery of your DNA and heritage today by ordering on-line. Don’t forget to take a look at our other informational genetic testing products now as you receive significant discounts when ordering tests at the same time. If you are interested in seeing a sample report, visit our sample report page.

Limitations of testing.

Test results are statistical probabilities of your origins and must be interpreted with caution. Human populations have been mixing since they began leaving Africa more than 100,000 years ago. A genetic marker can strongly suggest an origin, but is not 100% proof because no markers have so far been found that exist exclusively in a single group. If all the available tests are run on any given individual that still represents only a small percent of their total DNA.

Although you may be predominantly from one of the main human population groups, the markers you discover in yourself can be from other groups because of the extensive mixing of human populations. Scientists believe that we’re all descended from fewer than 100,000 individuals and that we’re all related! The person sitting next to you, if they’re not your parent, child, sibling, uncle or aunt, then most likely they’re a distant cousin.