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How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light therapy is a sensation among the anti-aging crowd these days. This new technology has been offered primarily in salons – or in the homes of the wealthy. But now many manufacturers are offering this same technology in LED face masks that can be shipped right to your home. If you’ve been to traditional salons, this is often called the “rejuvenation treatments” but just recently has light therapy been studied to increase collagen production.   The results were impressive.   LED face masks are proving to me a legit way to improve the texture of your face and neck in 20 minutes or less at home. What is Red Light Therapy? Found in salons and in the offices of the world’s leading dermatologists, red light therapy is traditionally done through a light-bed (many new products remove the need for a bed). This is kind of like tanning in the sense that you’ll be exposed to light to be able to treat: Scars Stretch marks Acne Aging And, most people will use this therapy to make themselves look younger. How Does Light Therapy Improve Collagen Production? So, how does this all work?  In terms of increasing your natural collagen production, the red…
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